Transcript: CIBC Commercial Banking Training Program

[Soft music playing.]

[Elliot sitting at desk.]

Elliot Gibson: That's the kind of trick is that you're expected to pick a path and know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you graduate.

[City skyscrapers. The "El" train. A revolving door.]

>>Amy Spachner: We get to know our employees. We get to know their needs. We develop opportunities for them to learn and continue to grow.

[People in suits listening to a presentation. City skyscrapers. Someone writing on a white board. The Chicago skyline.]

>>Melissa Platt: Senior leaders, relationship managers, team members from other parts of the bank, as well as our clients, get involved in the training.

[People walking past the bank's Chicago headquarters.]

[Commercial Banking Training Program.]

[Adrian sitting in conference room.]

[Adrian Abonce, Relatonship Manager, Middel Market Banking.]

>>Adrian Abonce: A lot of people within my generation we appreciate the ability to move around an institution and explore different avenues and different directions our career can take. 

[City skyscrapers.]

[Melissa sitting in conference room.]

[Melissa Platt, Commercial Banking Training Specialist.]

>>Melissa: Beyond the training program, the bank lends support for team members to serve on the professional boards of nonprofit organizations, 3-month fellowship programs with one of our community partners, and we even have a formal mentorship program here at the bank.

[People talking in groups in a workspace.]


[Woman holding papers and walking down a hallway.]

[Brian sitting in front of bank vault.]

[Brian Greenblatt, President, Middle Market Banking.]

>>Brian Greenblatt: The first day that you start work at CIBC, we begin talking about what does it mean to have a commitment to the community. That's a corporate commitment and it's also an individual commitment. 

[Volunteers in an assembly line adding pears to bags. Group of volunteers sitting on bleachers in their red, CIBC shirts. Volunteers talking to children in classroom. People with their laptops, collaborating in a workspace.]

[Tenzin sitting at desk.]

[Tenzin Choenyi, Credit Analyst, Commercial Banking.]

>>Tenzin Choenyi: There is a path to get to where you want to go. Some kids doesn't necessarily see that so I feel like it's important for me to go back to my school and show them, "hey, I've done it. You can do it." 

[Caroline sitting in conference room.]

[Caroline Lake, Credit Analyst, Commercial Banking.]

>>Caroline Lake: They talk about relationships being important, but they really are. And they're genuine and they happen fast.

[Group of people walking down the hallway. Group collaborating at desk with their laptops.]

[Lizette sitting at desk.]

[Lizette Aguilar, Credit Analyst, Commercial Banking.]

>>Lizette Aguilar: Everyone comes from different backgrounds and different schools, so it's been very unique to get to know everyone. 

[Woman presenting to a room full of people.]

[Amy sitting at desk.]

[Amy Spachner, Relationship Manager, US Cross Border Desk.]

>>Amy: Executives here really believe that the analysts in the training program are the future of the organization. 

[Melissa speaking to a group of people.]

[Adrian sitting in conference room.]

>>Adrian: There are a lot of people there to support you, people to guide you. I don't think you ever really feel alone going through the training program. 

[Woman speaking. Man presenting to a room full of people.]

[Elliot sitting at desk.]

>>Elliot: It's a culture where everyone is encouraged to learn and grow, and you can pursue your interests as they develop.

[Group of people laughing. Two women writing on a white board. People sitting at desk with their laptops.]

[Melissa sitting in a conference room. Woman walking through a set of glass doors into the bank.]

>>Melissa: Employees feel this sense of fulfillment, and that fulfillment then lends themselves to feeling comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, which then, in turn, leads to stronger employee engagement. 

[CIBC Logo.]

[CIBC is committed to its Commercial Banking Training Program.]

[We have adopted our program to align with current physical distancing guidelines while ensuring trainees receive an engaging and enriching experience.]