Manage my advertising preferences


What are cookies?

Cookies contain data collected from websites that you visit and are stored in the form of a small text file in your browser. They save your preferences for a specific website and make browsing online easier. Cookies can also show you relevant CIBC ads on your mobile apps, our website and third-party websites or apps through interest-based advertising.

Why do we use cookies?

CIBC uses cookies to improve our online services and provide you with the best possible web experience. We may use cookies in order to identify you; provide relevant, interest-based advertising; remember your preferences; secure your access; know when content has been shown to you; provide collected auditing, research and reporting for advertisers; understand and improve our online services; and detect and defend from fraud and other risks. The information we collect from cookies also may allow us to identify you across devices, like smartphones, tablets, computers or related browsers.

CIBC may allow third parties to place their Cookies on our websites or in our advertisements. Your web browser may request advertisements directly from third party advertising network servers which do not have a business relationship with us. These advertisements may place cookies that can view, edit, or set third party cookies, as if you had visited a web page from the third party site. CIBC isn't responsible for the practices and use of cookies by third party websites, mobile apps or online services linked to or from CIBC Services, or for the content contained in them.

What's interest-based advertising?

CIBC, directly or through our partners, uses cookies and other similar technologies to enhance your online experience. To do this, we may collect data to better understand how you're using our site. Plus, by doing so, we can show you CIBC ads you may find interesting on our mobile apps, our website and third-party websites or apps.

For more information about our privacy practices, review our privacy policies:

How do I manage my advertising preferences and opt out?

Opt-outs limit information sharing from the devices and browsers you opt out for. To maximize your control over cookies and cross-device tracking, you may choose to opt-out of data collection and use for interest-based advertising. You can opt out with each browser on each device you use to interact with us.

Opting out of website IBA

Opt out on your desktop in 2 ways:

The opt-outs you make on these websites only apply to receiving interest-based advertising from participating third-party companies. You may still receive other types of online advertising from participating companies, and the websites you visit may still collect information for other purposes.

Opting out of mobile IBA

To exercise choice for apps on mobile devices, download the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA’s) App Choices app from your devices' app store. For some devices, you can opt out through your device settings.

If you opt out of interest-based advertising, you may still get CIBC advertising, but it won’t be personalized.

What happens when I opt out?