Commercial Lending

Delivering the Solutions and Expertise to Keep your Business Growing

At CIBC, our commercial banking professionals understand the opportunities and the challenges facing middle market business owners and executives. We provide financing solutions tailored to your needs1. Our understanding of the many unique aspects of your business allows us to work together to accommodate your financing requirements. We employ our creativity, understanding, experience and expertise to build the right solution for you.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Flexible Access to Cash Through a Revolving Line of Credit

Whether you want to purchase inventory, manage temporary cash-flow needs or take advantage of other options that come your way, a revolving line of credit gives your company flexible, convenient access to cash for business needs.

Term Loans

Finance Your Working Capital With a Term Loan

A term loan from CIBC can give you the resources you need to finance expansion, add inventory, invest in new equipment or otherwise help your company grow. Our team can help you structure a deal with competitive rates and appropriate maturity.

Letters of Credit

Give Added Assurance to Your Trading Partners with a Letter of Credit from CIBC

A letter of credit provides assurance to your trading partner that your obligations will be paid using the bank’s credit as long as documents called for in the letter of credit meet the terms stated. There are many different letter of credit options, so it is important to talk to one of our relationship managers to learn more.

For more information contact:

Bruce Hague
Executive Managing Director & President, National Commercial Banking
(312) 564-1232 

Bob Frentzel
Executive Managing Director & President, Commercial Banking
(312) 564-1238