Capital Markets

CIBC’s Capital Markets Group offers a full suite of interest rate and currency hedging solutions in traded currencies. Our team of highly experienced specialists is committed to serving as your resource throughout the entire process, from identifying and managing exposures to executing strategy and assessing its effectiveness.

We work with every client to provide solutions optimized to achieve their unique financial markets and risk management objectives.

By offering comprehensive Capital Market expertise, we can be the single contact for your capital markets risk management needs1:

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Provide Context to Markets

  • Market Updates
  • Economic outlook
  • Federal Reserve insights
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Identify Market Risk

  • Understand client’s risk management objectives
  • Debt and currency portfolio analysis
  • Quantify risk utilizing scenario and value-at-risk analyses
  • Help determine appropriate fixed/floating mix
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Structure Trade and Execute

  • Evaluate pros and cons of potential hedging strategies
  • Provide indicative pricing
  • Prepare required pre-trade documentation
  • Trade execution and post-trade support

Interest Rate Management Hedging

We can help you implement strategies that will protect your business from unexpected rate movements, ensure that your debt service payments are predictable, and balance the mix of fixed-and floating-rate debt in your portfolio.

Learn more about Interest Rate Hedging with CIBC.

Foreign Currency Risk Management

Implement strategies that will protect you against unexpected currency movements and ensure the efficient processing of all incoming and outgoing currency payments.

For a more complete list of currency management products and services, visit this site.

For more information contact:

Keith Rofrano
Managing Director and Head Mid-Market Solutions Group – U.S.