As we develop a holistic wealth plan to complete your financial picture, we consider a broad range of strategies, including private banking solutions with the following benefits:

Marketable Secured Lines of Credit

Access to liquidity for either planned purchases or unforeseen, opportunistic events, allowing you to carry less cash on your personal balance sheets and avoid unforeseen liquidations of portions of your investment portfolio.

Residential Real Estate

Finance your primary residence or vacation properties and access a floating rate line of credit secured by a home with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), or lock in a fixed interest rate and a preset amortization schedule with a Home Equity Loan (HELO).

Tailored Lending

Finance for the purchase of an airplane, yacht, art collection or commercial real estate; leverages illiquid assets such as business interests.

Deposit Accounts

Earn an attractive interest rate on cash with convenient and flexible online and mobile banking. Use your phone to deposit your checks easily with remote deposit capture. We won’t charge you when you use our ATMs and you’ll get rebates for external ATM fees of up to $50/month available depending on your account balances.

For more information, contact:

Dan Sullivan
Managing Director, Head of Private Banking