Our approach to investment management is to offer our clients a broad opportunity set across asset classes, geographies and managers, because we know from experience that this is the best way to preserve and grow assets.

Starting with a top-down view of the global economy and market environment, our Chief Investment Officer and the senior members of our Investment Committee meet regularly to identify investment opportunities for your portfolios. Our objective approach to investment management is designed to optimize performance through multi-asset class, multi-style and multi-manager diversification, while balancing expected return, risk, tax sensitivity and cost. 

Diversified investment offering

At CIBC Private Wealth Management, we are open to excellent investment ideas for our clients, whether they emanate from our select number of internal strategies or from external managers after thorough due diligence. We're committed to a broad, globally diversified investment offering and actively managed strategies.

Customized portfolios

We believe clients of significant wealth are best served by a customized asset allocation and investment strategy. Whether you are investing for retirement, planning for future generations or have other goals, CIBC Private Wealth can develop an asset management plan tailored to your short, intermediate and long-term goals.

Our team of highly experienced analysts and portfolio managers scrutinizes economic, political and market events around the globe, both gradual and sudden, and then identifies the best opportunities across all asset classes to be represented in your portfolio. In setting your asset allocation, your wealth advisor will also consider your liquidity and income needs, time horizon, tax issues, return expectations, risk tolerance and asset constraints.

Institutional Investment Services

Enhanced cash management:

For companies with cash on their balance sheet that are seeking returns and/or alternatives to bank deposits, we take a customized approach that uses a combination of money funds, short- and medium-term bond funds and individual fixed income securities to enhance return while maintaining liquidity.

Services for institutional clients:

Our investment platform includes customized services for institutional clients — foundations, endowments and other not-for-profits — that leverage both active and passive management styles. Access to low-cost index/ETF strategies is also available for smaller foundation clients.

David Donabedian, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
CIBC Private Wealth Management