CIBC Private Wealth Management seeks to create and develop enduring, highly personalized relationships with you. To accomplish this mission, we provide comprehensive, objective investment solutions. Our goal is to reflect a deep understanding of your unique financial needs and life-long goals.

Through our experienced Wealth Strategies Group, clients also have access to deep estate, tax, philanthropic and legacy planning resources designed to demystify the complexities that often accompany wealth ownership. Ultimately, we will develop a simplified picture of your wealth plan that helps you understand what you have in place and where changes are needed to reflect your current and future vision.

Then, we work with your other advisors — accountants and attorneys — to move your plan from where it is today to where you want it to be in the future. Throughout the course of our relationship, we will work closely with all parties to discover, guide and ultimately deliver a holistic wealth strategy.


Trustee Services

Where trusts are used, we can serve as your corporate trustee. You will have peace of mind knowing that a corporate fiduciary will act in an impartial and objective manner to administer your trust in accordance with the terms of the trust document and all relevant laws and regulations. As a corporate trustee, we provide personalized service to the beneficiaries of the trust while ensuring that the grantor’s intent is respected and followed.

Each trust has a dedicated trust officer and portfolio manager assigned to the relationship. Our trust officers have experience administering complex trusts and our investment team provides professional investment management services that adhere to fiduciary standards.

As part of our fiduciary services, we offer investment of trust assets, review and interpretation of governing instrument provisions, tax preparation services, principal and income accounting, and bill pay services. We also work with outside professional advisors in specialized practice areas, including wealth planning strategies, estate planning attorneys and accountants.

Linda S. Beerman
Head of Wealth Strategies
CIBC Private Wealth Management

Gabrielle D. Bailey
Chief Fiduciary Officer
CIBC Private Wealth Management

Paula Hoste
Trust Advisory Team Leader