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We have loans and lines of credit to help support your short-term working capital needs, equipment purchases and real estate financing.

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Whether you need funds for purchasing equipment, supplementing cash flow or meeting seasonal needs, our loan products can make that possible.

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Manage your finances wherever you are on your computer or with your mobile device.

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To get started, you'll need a piece of government ID, a CIBC US deposit account and supporting documents, such as business licenses, tax returns and bank account statements.1

Small Business Revolving Line of Credit

An account with an approved credit limit to borrow and pay back funds when you need it. Gives you the flexibility to manage any unexpected or fluctuating expenses.

  • Up to 1 year term
  • Variable rate

Small Business Term Loan

A lump sum you receive upfront and pay down with regular, scheduled payments. Ideal for equipment financing and owner occupied real estate loans and refinancing.

  • 1 to 5 year term
  • Fixed or variable rates based on term

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Alternatively, apply at any CIBC Banking Center when you download and complete the Small Business Loan Application (PDF, 900 KB) Opens in a new window.

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Count on expert advice

Our team of relationship managers have the right expertise to understand your small business. Together we can provide custom products and advice to help you start your business and keep it on the right track.

Manage your finances in one place

Our comprehensive suite of services to manage your cash and liquidity are delivered through an intuitive online banking system, Business NetBanking (BNB), where you can view balances and transactions, initiate payments, manage Positive Pay exceptions and more, all in one portal.

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