Designed for clients with CIBC business bank accounts, FX Online @ CIBC lets you send foreign currency wires and drafts and transfer funds — conveniently from your desktop, laptop or tablet.

This web-based platform provides access to real-time exchange rates for approximately 200 currency pairs1 to execute spots, forwards (fixed-dated or open-dated contracts) and swaps out to one year2, it also allows clients to confirm and settle trades via wire payments, bank drafts or account transfers.

Benefit from powerful functionality

  • Book FX spots, forwards, and swap trades while settling in multiple forms, including wires and drafts
  • Benefit from enhanced security with second factor authentication to mobile devices, for fast execution and timely trade confirmations
  • Customize user restrictions with separate trading and settlement instructions, for an additional layer of security
  • Send out multiple wires through one FX trade
  • Create and save custom templates for recurring payments
  • Access trade details in one location using advanced query and export tools

For more information contact:

Keith Rofrano
Managing Director and Head
Mid-Market Solutions Group – U.S.
Global Markets
CIBC Capital Markets