Our Economics Group identifies trends, opportunities and risks that can affect the North American and global economies, and your business.

The team is recognized as a key definer of critical market developments and their implications for stock values, currencies and interest rates. The team also has a long and well-earned reputation for being ahead of the curve. In-depth analytic publications, client events, phone calls and one-on-one meetings keep you up-to-date on what is happening today — and likely to happen in the future.

  • A repeat winner of the Dow Jones MarketWatch Forecasting Award
  • A multiple award recipient for forecast accuracy on the U.S. and Canadian economies
  • Has been recognized as #1 in Economics by Brendan Wood International
  • Holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University

  • Well known for his published research on topics such as labor market dynamics, real estate, credit markets, international trade and business economic conditions

Leading Forecaster of U.S. Indicators

For more information contact:

Keith Rofrano
Managing Director and Head
Mid-Market Solutions Group – U.S.
Global Markets
CIBC Capital Markets