Access customized vanilla and structured hedging solutions in multiple currencies from our derivative specialists.

We have over two decades of experience as a derivatives dealer in Canada, plus reputable market specialists located globally. We offer sophisticated trading, effective execution and competitive pricing, and are a major liquidity provider in hedging products to key sectors in the financial markets. Our full-service capabilities are available in over-the-counter interest rate products based on underlying markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

  • Single-currency swaps
  • Cross-currency swaps
  • Forward-starting swaps
  • Accreting and amortizing swaps

  • Caps, floors and collars
  • European, Bermudan
  • Swaptions
  • Barrier (single, double)

  • Fade-in swaps
  • Switch swaps
  • Carry swaps
  • Extendible swaps
  • Expandable swaps
  • Range Bonus Accumulator (RBA)
  • Extendable fade-in swaps

For more information contact:

Abby Farrell, CFA
Executive Director and Lead, Derivatives
Mid-Market Solutions Group – U.S.
Global Markets
CIBC Capital Markets