When navigating challenging waters, it helps to understand what lenders are thinking and looking for in their industry deals.
Jul. 24, 2023 4-minute read

What has changed?

  • On average, nurses have seen a 17.3% increase in their hourly wages since 2019 and contract nurses from staffing agencies are even more expensive
  • In 2023, increases in occupancy and enhanced Medicaid rates in some states may help improve median operating margins, but skilled nursing facilities may barely break even at 0.6%

Slower turnarounds require due diligence on both sides

Two heads are better than one

  • Examine the fundamentals of your business together and determine what financing your lender can support
  • Evaluate your projections to ensure they are suitable for the type of financing you seek
  • Think creatively about affordable financing options that will address your priorities

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