Legal Industry Banking

CIBC has a specialized team of bankers focused on the financial complexities facing law firms, as well as their partners and other legal professionals.

We work closely with management committees and financial professionals to structure tailored banking solutions that utilize our full range of products and services needed to help you reach your financial goals.

Our Commitment to Service

Exceptional service, industry expertise and attention to detail are the hallmarks of CIBC’s commitment to building and nurturing relationships with each client we serve within the legal industry.

The experience of our team members allows us to be responsive and creative. Our extensive network helps you make connections. We take the time to learn about you, the firm and your goals and work together to develop a suite of banking and wealth services to help you succeed.

Law Firm Management

Whatever your borrowing needs1, CIBC offers a wide range of alternatives to strengthen your firm’s financial foundation.

We understand the needs of Law Firm Management and have the flexibility to provide:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Commercial Banking Revolvers
  • Corporate Trust and Escrow Services
  • Term Loans
  • Partner Capital Loan Programs
  • Capital Expenditures

In addition, we also have extensive Treasury Management Services to help manage liquidity and mitigate risk.

Law Firm Partners and Professional Staff

We understand the relationship between your firm’s performance and your personal financial success, and have a team of legal banking professionals who are dedicated to serving partners and the professional staff of your firm.

In addition to the financing solutions, CIBC offers additional services including:

Bank Services

  • Private banking
  • Secure online account management
  • Credit solutions1
  • Partner capital loans1


  • Private wealth management
  • Personal trust and investment management