Corporate Liquidity Management

At CIBC, our goal is to tip the scales in your favor by offering competitive products and services to meet your needs.

Our competitive Earnings Credit Rate on balances held in your Account Analysis checking account enables you to put more of your excess cash to work in investments.

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Money Market Deposit Accounts (MMDA)

Our Money Market Deposit Accounts offer competitive yields with unlimited in person withdrawals and up to six pre-authorized, automatic, or telephone transfers or checks or debit card transactions permitted per monthly statement cycle. Transfers are immediately available.

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Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit can provide better returns with the additional benefit of locking in your interest rate. CIBC offers you the flexibility of maturities from seven days to five years.

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Business Interest Sweeps

Business Interest Sweep accounts deliver the convenience of automated overnight investing and a competitive interest rate.

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