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Here are a few examples when a growing business might actually find it profitable to take out a loan or line of credit.
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Taking on debt sounds scary to many business owners. But for most business owners and startups, refinancing by taking out a loan or line of credit is what helped them establish their business in the first place. Here are a few examples where refinancing your debt can actually help your business succeed.

Your business is growing

Your business needs to hire more employees, purchase new equipment and fund expansion projects. Not to mention, adding to your client roster means you’ll have to update your payment systems. So in order for your growing business to survive, you’ll have to take on more expense. A line of credit can help you handle these expenses that your business needs to grow.

Your credit profile improved

Regularly paying off your debt and increasing your profitability does more than make you a good business owner. It may have also improved your credit profile. An improved credit profile can help with things like securing better terms on your existing debt. Refinancing at a lower interest rate can give you some extra cash to put back into your business.

Your technology needs an upgrade

Outdated tech can leave your business in the dust. If getting an upgrade will give you an edge, taking on additional financing can help your business become more productive and effective. The additional profit you make from upgrading your equipment could even offset the cost of borrowing.

You’re considering an acquisition

If you’re considering expanding your business through acquisition, refinancing your debt — or borrowing additional funds at more competitive terms — is just one of the ways you can reduce your borrowing costs immediately and potentially boost your profitability over time.

Whether you’re looking to expand your current business, acquire a new one, prepare for the unexpected or just manage the day-to-day, talk to an experienced banking expert. They’ll help you figure out whether refinancing can work towards meeting your unique business needs.