People Pay

People Pay1 is CIBC Bank USA’s person-to-person payment system. You’ll only need an email address or a mobile number to send money from the palm of your hand. People Pay is the fast and safe way to send money online – no need for cash or checks!

What is People Pay?

With People Pay, you can conveniently pay almost anyone in the United States using CIBC NetBanking or CIBC Bank USA’s mobile banking app. Using People Pay, you can:

  • Pay back a friend for lunch or concert tickets.
  • Send a cash birthday gift to a family member.
  • Pay the babysitter, house cleaner, landscaper, etc.

How is money sent through People Pay?

You can select the method by which the recipient will receive funds including:

  • Deliver to a bank account in 1-3 days via ACH
  • Deliver instantly to a PayPal account
  • Mail a check
  • Let the recipient decide

What are the benefits of using People Pay?

People Pay provides a number of benefits including:

  • Send money via CIBC NetBanking or CIBC Bank USA’s mobile banking app: no check or cash required
  • Various delivery options to the recipient of your funds
  • Easily set up a payee with a mobile number or email address
  • Email or SMS text alerts when money is sent or received

How do I enroll in People Pay?

Complete the registration form via the link below to enroll in People Pay. You must have a checking account with CIBC Bank USA and be enrolled in CIBC NetBanking to use People Pay.