You need a safe place to put your money, with a reasonable return. A CD could be the right fit.
Helen Socha, managing director, Head of US Retail Banking Mar. 22, 2022 3-minute read

Why choose a CD?

  • Earn a fixed rate of interest
  • Save with no annual or custodial fees
  • Choose from term lengths between 30 days and five years
  • Withdraw all funds or renew at maturity
  • Reduce volatility and risk found in other types of investments

Savings “sweet spot”

  • CDs frequently offer higher rates of return than most savings accounts for a predetermined length of time — or “term” — between 30 days and five years.
  • You may pay a penalty if you take an early withdrawal from a CD. 
  • Savings accounts offer lower rates of returns than CDs, are 100% liquid and let you withdraw funds without penalty. 

Ready to start saving?