Disaster relief

How to prepare

Has your property been damaged by a natural disaster?

First, ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

File an insurance claim with your insurance company.

  • Be sure to ask when an adjustor will come, and when to expect any claim checks.
  • Once you receive the check from your insurance company, be sure to contact us, as some documentation may be requested before you endorse the check, and an inspection may be needed based on your situation. We'll work with you to review all of your options. Informing us about the damage will expedite the process of restoring your home. If you're still in need of financial assistance after the claim process, we can discuss options to help with payment challenges.
  • Contact other creditors to inform them about your current hardship or uncommon spending behavior.

Watch out for scams and fraud.

To learn how to protect your information, visit our fraud prevention page.

Financial assistance

Natural Disaster Hardship Loan

Make a payment online

CIBC now offers the option to make your payments online. Just sign on to CIBC ePay, enter your account number and make a one-time or reoccurring payment.

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