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Western Golf Association Caddie Academy’s Lunch & Learn

Each year, high school students from the Western Golf Association Caddie Academy visit our Chicago headquarters in the summer for lunch and learning. Led by our team members, the session focuses on investing, saving, budgeting and spending. Students form teams and face off in a friendly competition to test their financial knowledge.

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Western Golf Association

The Western Golf Association (WGA) Caddie Academy offers a 7-week program that allows young women from underserved communities to learn the art of caddying at clubs around Chicago. Participants can then apply for the Evans Scholarship, a full, 4-year tuition and housing grant to top universities across the country. The scholarship is awarded to caddies who demonstrate financial need, strong character and outstanding caddie and academic records. We’re proud to provide the CIBC Evans Scholarship to one Caddie Academy participant each year.


i.c.stars is committed to furthering the careers of low-income adult interns through a 4-month program that develops both leadership and technical skills. The interns earn a stipend as they attend weekday boot camp learning sessions at a startup style office in Chicago.

The interns worked in teams to create an app that teaches financial literacy to elementary school students through gamification. The winning team’s game was further developed with recent i.c.stars graduates who were hired as contractors. 

We partnered i.c.stars with Big Shoulders Fund’s Money Smart Program and Money Savvy Generation Foundation to bring their app, Bean Bean, to more classrooms in the Chicagoland area. The game is now used as a learning tool in second- and third-grade classrooms during the annual CIBC All-Team Volunteer Day. 

Credit Seminars

We partner with organizations to offer credit seminars focused on credit and banking basics to help participants build the foundation for a successful future. Community members of all ages are welcome to attend these seminars and are encouraged to bring family and friends. We also offer seminars on tips for buying a home and saving for college.

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