Community Impact

We work closely with community groups to ensure we are addressing the most pressing needs, partner with groups willing to provide our employees with volunteer opportunities, and support businesses that are making important investments to create access to services and provide jobs.

Entrepreneurial Training Programs

We believe that small businesses are the foundation of strong communities. We partner with organizations in Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee to support entrepreneurial training programs to give start-up and early-stage small businesses important skills to help them succeed. Eligible graduates of these programs can apply for financing from the CIBC Entrepreneurial Loan Program. Featured training program partners are:


  • Bethel New Life
  • The Resurrection Project
  • Chicago Urban League
  • City of Chicago – Small Business Opportunity Center

St. Louis

  • Family Workforce Centers of America
  • Grace Hill Settlement House Woman’s Business Development Center


  • Wisconsin Women’s Business Imitative Center

Financial Empowerment

We work with community groups, schools and other organizations to provide individuals and families with tips and tools to become more financially secure. Topics covered include what it means to have a good – or bad – credit score, how to improve your credit score, steps to homeownership and more.

EasyPath Banking

Our EasyPath Banking suite includes products like the EasyPath Mortgage Loan, offering flexible underwriting and access to special Homeowner Education Programs, which helps make home ownership an affordable reality. We also offer affordable options for quick cash needs through our EasyPath Personal Loan or EasyPath Home Improvement Loan. The EasyPath Step Loan can help those with less than perfect credit help build savings while establishing a good credit relationship by making regularly scheduled and timely payments.1