Executive Management


Michael G. Capatides

President and CEO, CIBC Bank USA
Senior Executive Vice President and Group Head, U.S. Region

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Brant Ahrens

President, U.S. Strategic Initiatives and Enterprise Change

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Karen Case

Executive Managing Director and President of Commercial Real Estate

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Elizabeth Cummings

Senior Vice President and Head of Technology, Infrastucture and Innovation for CIBC’s U.S. Region

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Yvonne Dimitroff

Senior Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer, U.S. Region and Capital Markets

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Bob Frentzel

Executive Managing Director and President, Commercial Banking

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Bruce Hague

Executive Managing Director and President, Commercial Banking

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John Heiberger

U.S. Head of Portfolio Management

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John Markwalter, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer, CIBC Private Wealth Management, U.S.

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Julie O'Connor

General Counsel for U.S. Commercial and Wealth

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Jeff Steele

President, Specialized Industries

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Kevin Van Solkema

Executive Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer

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Scott Wilson

Head of U.S. Capital Markets and Chief Operating Officer of U.S. Private Wealth Management

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Amy Yuhn

U.S. Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Communications and Community Development

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Thomas J. Bieke

Managing Director and U.S. Chief Credit Risk Officer

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Paul Carey

U.S. Chief Financial Officer

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